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We believe in transparency & accountability. Feedback from our esteemed members would not only help us improve but at times would chasten us in case we are dithering from the track.

Our most preferred optional History has the largest takers. Listen, to what our valued aspirants think about history and our guidance in the subject

We face innumerable queries regarding the choice of Optional for UPSC Mains. It's a common folly to choose the optional quite late in the day - and by then it assumes Himalayan proportions! However, going by the change in syllabus of General Studies in Mains exams, it is quite prudent now to choose HISTORY as an optional subject as it has become 'the' optional ! In GS I, one has to study Indian National Movement, India after independence, World History and Indian Culture [a large part of Medieval & Ancient India]. Needless to mention the fact, that the full Indian history is a part of the Prelims- GS paper too.

In this context, please have a look what some of our members had to say!

Madhurima Sengupta

"History as an optional subject is scoring and very interesting for a student to study.

As far as teaching of History in Trademark is concerned then I personally don't think there is a better place to study History other than Trademark.

Faculty here teaches extremely well ending up getting the most uninteresting topic to be extremely interesting and keeps us hooked to the sessions that and thus helping every student be a part of the discussion.

Even people who do not belong to Arts background generate immediate interest towards the subject.

I would recommend any and every student who plans to take up history as optional for UPSC to come and study in Trademark."

Sambuddha Mandal

"History is probably the best optional as it helps in writing any question of not only history but economics, constitution, geography, culture and social welfare. It also helps in Prelims as 10 to 11 questions directly come from history.

No doubt teaching of History at Trademark is best in West Bengal and without much doubt can say in India also.

The way History is taught at Trademark cannot be described in words. The rational, logical and emotional factors of human beings which actually creates history is taught here. As E.H.Carr said in "What is history", read the historian before reading history, i.e. what we learnt here."

Biprashis Das

"Studying History is fun. What I felt earlier that History is nothing but facts, but after one year of studying at Trademark what I understand is that History is everything 'but' facts. Whether you crack UPSC or not, but studying for UPSC itself is a memorable journey. Journey becomes experience and fun while your companion is great. History is the companion.

Teaching of History at Trademark is fabulous. Had I got this sort of guidance all through my school life I would have definitely been a better student and moreover a better individual. Then, I would have rather taken up humanities than engineering!"

Chandan Sen

"In my opinion, history is among few subjects which UPSC itself stresses upon probably due to its wider acceptability in public affairs. History is exciting and a reliable subject for UPSC as it fetches good marks in optional papers. It also has a wide advantage in General Studies for Mains as well as Prelims. Almost all the syllabus of optional paper covers GS paper 1. Standard materials are also easily available.

Trademark has taken the growing challenge posed by UPSC and widened scope of History as an optional subject. Trademark gives right direction and required guidance to the aspirants who take History as the optional paper. Meticulous guidance and personal effort by the Faculty at Trademark is enough to score well in history."

Tuhin Shubhra Hira

"History as an optional subject in UPSC CSE is a very good choice. In prelims we have to study History along with other subjects. In main GS paper-I is mainly composed of History. In essay writing also History is needed. And as an optional subject it can be said that if you love studying History then it is a very good subject. Materials are easily available. And at last it can be said that if History as an optional subject can't make u a prince it won’t make you a pauper either.

History is very well taught at Trademark. Teachers are very well versed in the subject. And it is taught according to UPSC requirements."

Nilay Sengupta

"Yeah, I have chosen History as my optional subject in UPSC & WBCS both, and also taking the preparation of that subject under the supervision of Trademark IAS. I hope, I would finish my preparation fully as per the guidance of Trademark"

Now, listen to what our members, fresh as well as veterans, have to say about our General Studies classes

Sindhuri Talwar

"I find the classes very interactive and highly beneficial for the preparation. The references given were also helpful in providing an insight into the topic. Faculty members are doing a commendable job and I look forward to being a part of the classes."

[Sindhuri Talwar is an arts graduate with History, Geography and Public Administration as core subjects]

Advaita Das

"I am fully satisfied with the teaching. The study materials are also equally well and exhaustive." [Advaita Das is an Engineer in computer science and MBA in human resource]

Dr Anusree Sen

"I find the classes very good and the notes quite comprehensive. I am glad that I joined Trademark IAS. I am sure it will be my stepping stone to success."

Dr Sayantan Ghosh

“Well constructed classes, conducted by up-to-date faculty members, cater to the specific need of all categories of aspirants. Patient hearing of individual problems and clinical solutions are the specialties. What surprises is their low propaganda despite being home to the successes in civil service West Bengal has ever produced.”

Avishek Mukhopadhyay

“It has been 4 months since I have joined Trademark IAS, and my journey till now is strewn with satisfied coaching from the teachers and an atmosphere of healthy study pressure needed to bring out the best of any pupil. The approach in the classes is always concept oriented and revolves around clear assimilation of the subject matter.

In addition to formal Test Series, Class Tests are often sprinkled here and there to gauge the progress of the students from time to time.

To conclude I have to say that Trademark IAS is undoubtedly a premier institute for aspiring civil service crowd and it will verily show the way to someone who has the will to see it through.”

"I am really satisfied with the clarity with which each topic is presented. Also liked the fact that while one topic is discussed, all other connected topics are also brought up."

Mr Vishwaroop Chatterjee [Working Professional]

"As a new joiner, the first class was quite good. I hope I could also make through UPSC exam 2015 with the lectures and notes provided by the institution."

Shruti Srivastava [Working Professional]

"I've enjoyed both the GS classes, and I'm thankful to have the notes."

Tuhin Chatterjee [Working Professional]

"The faculty is excellent but since it was my first class I could not understand everything. But the classes are very helpful nonetheless."

Atanu Roy [Working professional]

"The Test Series is well planned and comprehensive questions are of IAS level and the paper checking has been regular and satisfying. Thank you so much for your sincere efforts to help the students."

Anisha Jash [Student]

"Initially when I opted for History as an Optional Subject, I was not very sure about it. The part that worried me was mugging up of dates & events. However a year into it & classes at Trademark has fine-tuned my perspective. Now I know History is not mere facts, rather its’ the exquisite study from an unbiased perspective of the tides of time that have unmade & made the world as we know it now. It was foolish of me to expect History as a finite subject. Now I realize, History as a subject is continuous & ever evolving. As my optional subject, I am really in love with it.

Attending the History classes at Trademark has enriched my understanding. The best part is me being in love with the subject i loathed in my school days. Classes at Trademark are the best History classes I have ever had. Its just because of these classes that I delved deeper into the subject, I started reading books on World History (a thing I had never done before), I tried to read about characters like Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler.

Opting for History as my Optional Subject sure has given me a lot of knowledge & made me far less ignorant than I was a year before."

Nilanjana Guha [Bank Officer]